[FOSDEM] big rooms for popular subjects with popular speakers please

Pau Garcia i Quiles pgquiles at elpauer.org
Sat Feb 1 14:40:07 CET 2014


We have had a similar problem with Lennart Poettering in the Desktops
DevRoom: room capacity is 150, we had at least 30 people standing on the
aisles, and we had at least 100 people waiting to get into the room. To a
lesser scale (20-30 people outside), it also happened to other talks in
Desktops (GStreamer, Gnome 3, and more).

On Sat, Feb 1, 2014 at 2:20 PM, Joost Ringoot <joost at ringoot.org> wrote:

> Hello,
> Sorry for the rant (because I could not get in), but I think James
> Turnbull should get a room with a capacity of +500 people at least. He
> wrote several books and as a plus his talk is about docker which is fresh
> new and also popular.
> Thanks,
> Joost
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Pau Garcia i Quiles
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