[FOSDEM] big rooms for popular subjects with popular speakers please

Jacek Wielemborek wielemborekj1 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 2 15:43:43 CET 2014

> Philip Paeps <philip at fosdem.org> writes:

> > Honestly: this is a problem we can't fix. We try to schedule "popular
> > presentations" in appropriately large rooms, but on some level, all
> > presentations are popular. It's impossible to please everybody.
> > Scheduling 22 rooms in parallel is Really Difficult.
> >
> > We are (trying to?) record everything this year. Apart from the fact that
> > that's just a really cool thing to do, we also hoped that that would
> > spread the load factor of the rooms a bit. To be evaluated, etc.
> >
> > Be positive, be open minded. If a room is full ... there are others? You
> > can watch the recording at home.
> Having the streaming and recording this year is really, really awesome.
> Thank you!
> -john
> > looking to share a ride from ULB to the air port tommorow 0032 489 18 20
> > 36
> If you don't find a ride, exit the campus from the east, turn north,
> walk 200m, take tram 7 or 25 at Buyl, get off at Diamant and from there
> take bus 12 or 21 to the airport. The fare for this special airport
> line is 5 EUR; you can buy the ticket at the vending machine at Diamant.

You don't mean Charleoi, do you? Are there any alternate ways to get to
Charleoi from either ULB or Midi? The shuttle's kind of expensive.

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