[FOSDEM] [IPv6] FOSDEM mail servers

Philip Paeps philip at fosdem.org
Mon Feb 3 14:34:04 CET 2014

On 2014-02-03 11:27:10 (+0000), Damian Zaremba <damian at damianzaremba.co.uk> wrote:
> Since we had a totally IPv6 network, I'd just like to point out the
> fosdem.org mail servers seem broken for accepting mail over ipv6.

Only this weekend.

The machine is on the wrong (physical) side of a building to have native
IPv6 connectivity and precisely this weekend, the other end of the
tunnel that has worked for years decided to break.

We kicked the AAAA records out of the DNS at the 11th hour and provided
a socat proxy for www.fosdem.org and fosdem.org through another machine
literally at the 11th hour.

Will be fixed.  Very high priority.


Philip Paeps
Senior Reality Engineer
Ministry of Information

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