[FOSDEM] Nametags

Jeremy White jwhite at codeweavers.com
Tue Feb 4 14:54:50 CET 2014

> Basically, most of your suggestions could just be done by anyone who
> feels the thing is important(e.g. you and the other guy you mention).
> Just buy tags in advance(eventually find a sponsor as 4000 tags will sum
> up to quite a bit),
> appear to FOSDEM and place yourself on the infodesk as volunteer to do
> exactly this task - handing out these tags and pens to write names on them.
> I hope/assume you will happily get some place on the info desk to do it,
> otherwise place yourself in the entrance of each building somehow.
> Should be doable.

Sure; 'patches welcome'.  I guess I'm not as sure of your 
hope/assumption; I had the sense from Benjamin Henrion's email that a 
previous patch was rejected, and I wanted to know if the patch was 
rejected because it was incomplete and ill formed, or if such a patch 
will never be taken in :-/.

So let's make that my basic question:  if a group of volunteers built a 
name tag generating web site, and arranged the production and 
distribution of lanyards and blank name tags, would such an arrangement 
be accepted and affirmed?  Because it would require some integration 
with main stream FOSDEM (messaging on the web site, and room at info desks).



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