[FOSDEM] Nametags

Jeremy White jwhite at codeweavers.com
Tue Feb 4 15:46:27 CET 2014

> We could provide a pointer to a hypothetical FOSDEM nametag generator
> running on somebody else's computer with a note that, if it breaks,
> somebody else should be shouted at.


> How would you see the distribution of lanyards in practice?  I can't
> imagine a huge box with thousands of lanyards and tags in no particular
> order behind an infodesk going well.  What kind of system would you
> propose?

I was not thinking of a central registration database where you enter 
your name and when you arrive, go look for your already printed name tag 
- I agree that is untenable.

Instead, I was thinking of a web app where you enter your name and then 
we generate a pretty name tag to go to *your* printer, where you cut it 
out.  Ideally, you also then place it into a lanyard you already have 
and just bring it.  But if you don't have an existing lanyard, you can 
come grab one from the box we have behind the info desk.  And if you 
didn't print one out ahead of time, we have blank cards as well.  (Pens 
are probably a bad idea; probably better to make them take the blank 
card off to a corner and fill it out with their own pen).

Still a pain, and creates a lot of traffic; I'd defer to your judgment 
as to whether it would be manageable or not.

> On the whole, I think the push-out blank tag in the booklet may be much
> easier than any "technical" solution with a supplychain and distribution
> requirement.


My main agenda is to encourage a cultural shift so that everyone is 
*expected* to wear a name tag.



p.s.  Both years, the only thing I have really felt like shouting was:
Philip does amazing work with great humor, patience, and cheer.  Huzzah!

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