[FOSDEM] Keysigning: list of participants now available

Kurt Roeckx kurt at roeckx.be
Tue Jan 28 21:35:15 CET 2014

On Tue, Jan 28, 2014 at 08:53:17AM -0600, Tom Marble wrote:
> On 01/28/2014 03:29 AM, Niels Laukens wrote:
> >        http://ksp.fosdem.org/files/ksp-fosdem2014.txt
> This says "2013" but please do not change it now :)
> This is how I print the KSP sheet (in case this is helpful):
> # only crazy USA folks want '--paper letter' (instead of A4)
> $ paps --header --landscape --columns=2 --font="Courier 7" --paper letter --top-margin=18 --bottom-margin=18 ksp-fosdem2014.txt > ksp-fosdem2014.ps
> $ ps2pdf ksp-fosdem2014.ps
> Please use caff(1) from the package signing-party (after the KSP)
> to sign the keys at home.  But BEWARE the default caff configuration
> is NOT the same as for GPG.  Please make sure you are using the
> configuration settings you intend (esp. strong signature strength).
> For more information please see:
>   https://github.com/tmarble/kspsig
> Here is how you can get a sense for who has already signed
> your key (NOTE: does NOT take into account that a given e-mail
> may be used with different key ID's):
> MYEMAIL=tmarble at info9.net
> MYID=0x40BFEE868B055D9A
> Unique list of who's on the FOSDEM KSP list
> $ awk '/<.*@.*>/ { print substr($NF,2,length($NF)-2); }' ksp-fosdem2014.txt | sort -u > ksp-emails.txt
> Unique list of who has signed my key:
> $ gpg --list-sigs $MYID | awk '/<.*@.*>/ { print substr($NF,2,length($NF)-2); }' | sort -u > signed-myid.txt
> Who has previously signed my key that's on the FOSDEM KSP list?
> $ comm -12 signed-myid.txt ksp-emails.txt | grep -v $MYEMAIL > already-signed.txt

You might want to use gpgsigs which annotates the
ksp-fosdem2014.txt file with those signatures.  You might also
want to consider using it's latex output which shows the pictures
if there are any.

I first downloaded an imported the keyring, refreshed my keyring,
and then used:
$ gpgsigs -f utf8 --latex 2064C53641C25E5D,41DC1C907244970B ksp-fosdem2014.txt > ksp-fosdem2014.tex
$ pdflatex ksp-fosdem2014.tex

Run this in a temporary directory so you can clean up all the


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