[FOSDEM] Hiring! top knotch linux/telecom expert!

Pierre Eisenmann pierre.eisenmann at 21net.com
Sun Feb 1 17:07:05 CET 2015

21Net provides high speed internet access on high speed trains – quite an
interesting telecom challenge.

We are looking for linux-telecom experts to help develop the
industry-leading solution!

We develop a full end-to-end networking solution from the ground back-end
servers to the wifi on train.

Key to the system performance is a linux-based server on board of the train
that aggregates links from several wireless modems and possibly satellite
and transforms them into broadband wifi.

Ideal profile has expertise in linux (user and kernel spaces), TCP/IP
protocols and their latest variants, a deep taste for investigation,
optimization, innovation and experience in development of telecom
applications in a linux environment.

The work atmosphere is start-up like with a small team of excellent

21Net is based in Belgium (between Brussels and Antwerp). Other work
locations are possible, especially in France.

Please contact us!

Pierre Eisenmann, 21Net CTO.
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