[FOSDEM] Got dinner plans for Friday before FOSDEM?

Karen Sandler karen at sfconservancy.org
Thu Jan 22 19:30:32 CET 2015

If you don't have plans already, come have dinner with me :)

Conservancy is having an event/fundraiser that night. While we're hoping 
to raise money and attract more Supporters, we've kept the ticket price 
low so that it's open to more people. It's $40 in advance, €50 at the 
door. We also organized it just a short walk to the beer event at a 
place called Drug Opera (thanks Philip Paeps for the suggestion!).

The full announcement is here:

But you can just go here to buy a ticket and get basic info:

Hope to see you there!


ps: we're starting early so that there's plenty of time to go to 
Delerium but also so we're all bright-eyed for my opening keynote on 

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