[FOSDEM] It's time for a Code of Conduct

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Fri Oct 30 14:04:41 CET 2015

We are not speaking about a law, but about a "code of honor".

When you break the law, there is not even a question of what to do...

This is about respect, awareness, open-mind, self-reflection and "making a
statement of support".

A "team" would negotiate, calm down, set things clear between people, try
to re-construct respect, pay the involved people a hot milk, and in
"extreme" cases ask the organisers to kick someone out... abuse should be
prevented by educated and civilised behaviour and common sense.

And finally, one hopes that the team will have a very boring fosdem :-)

On 30 October 2015 at 13:55, Achim 'ahzf' Friedland <mailinglists at ahzf.de>

> Am 30/10/15 um 13:18 schrieb Dave Neary:
> >
> > * "Call 112" is *not* an appropriate response to most of the incidents
> > that can be reported (racist or sexist behaviour, for example, or forms
> > of harrassment that do not break the law). A code of conduct arms
> > organisers with a process to follow, and gives attendees a clear avenue
> > to appeal to if there are serious issues
> Well, if s.th. does not break any law, "just" some lines of text which
> is not accepted by the vast majority of participants, the CoC itself
> becomes a harassment tool as no one will be able to go any court trying
> to proof, that he/she did not do anything wrong. And this possibility is
> the central idea that makes our society a constitutional state, no our
> laws in the first place.
> Nevertheless, I think most people have good intentions when they are
> trying to setup a CoC... just... daily life is so much more complex than
> what most CoCs are able to cover, and they should not end as additional
> "laws" just to make people "feel better". The law as we know it, stands
> above any kind of "feelings".
> Best...
>  Achim
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