[FOSDEM] more problems with visa letters

Daniel Pocock daniel at pocock.pro
Mon Jan 18 09:38:22 CET 2016

On the FOSDEM FAQ[1], it says "If you are attending FOSDEM as part of
your involvement with a project represented at our conference, we
recommend you get in touch with someone you know locally who is involved
in the project and ask them to invite you."

One of the projects I'm involved with did that, providing an invitation
letter for a developer from India and another developer from China and
also arranging their travel and accommodation costs.

The developer in India just got a call from the Belgian embassy asking
for a second letter from FOSDEM organizers.  He has previously had a
Schengen visa (from an event in Germany last year) and his travel agent
had told him that renewing the visa was just a formality so he already
has flight and hotel bookings and he is quite keen to get this sorted
out quickly.  Can anybody from FOSDEM assist with these requests from
the Belgian officials?

Given that FOSDEM is a free event and that people don't normally
register to attend, would the FOSDEM team consider providing a
self-service web-form for guests like this who do need to "register" and
obtain their invitation letters on demand?

Note that another organization is making the financial sponsorship
arrangements, this is not a request for FOSDEM to provide money or



1. https://fosdem.org/2016/faq/

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