[FOSDEM] LPD-meeting - Linux Presentation Day

Claus R Wickinghoff webby at sundancer.oche.de
Wed Jan 27 20:28:45 CET 2016


on November, 14th 2015 user groups, hacker spaces and companies 
dedicated to Linux organized local events all over Germany, Switzerland 
and Austria to show/promote Linux on desktop to interested people.

The LPD project main page is http://linux-presentation-day.de/

The main intention behind this widespread event taking places two times 
a year is to get media coverage and reach people not connected to the 
Linux world. While thinking of establishing something really new we had 
to learn that similar initiatives already exist in other countries like 
Italy and France. We are in contact with some, but probably not all of them.

During FOSDEM we are going to have a meeting Saturday, round 11:00 in 
the cafeteria between H and K close to the parking lot. One of us will 
wear a special non-official FOSDEM shirt (if this might help to discover 

There is also a xmpp chatroom lpd at conference.zettamail.de set up.

It would be nice if people interested or already performing such events 
would try to join us. To establish contact by e-mail at least, feel free 
to address Mr. Hauke Laging (kontakt-2015 at linux-presentation-day.de).


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