[FOSDEM] [feedback][airplane] briner

Cédric BRINER briner at infomaniak.ch
Mon Feb 6 17:41:22 CET 2017


I've listed the feedback that could be improved for the next edition.

Thanks for everything.




# the organisation
## the feeling
It rocks solid, very well organized, the people are welcomed. Thanks.

## print your boarding pass
Now as some companies does (brussels airlines), you get the ability to
have your electronic boarding pass only 24 hours before the flight. What
about giving a way for people to print their boarding pass. It could be
sad to miss your plane because of a broken or no battery phone.

## Shuttle
That is a very good idea to offer such commodity. But the transportation
page mixes informations. What about splitting it into:
- going to fosdem
- leaving fosdem

It misses why the shuttle are for ! What about saying:
__Free shuttle buses__: for people leaving fosdem by train or by plane

Say that there is a train every 20 minutes from the train station to the
airport with 20 minutes of transportation. So that people can better 
estimate the time they have to get their plan or train in time.

Plus, the map does not show where the shuttle bus station is.

## get notified when video
when someone has bookmarked a video, it could be a good idea to notify
him when the video is available

## get notified when room is full
Some rooms get full, what about alerting people that to not even think
about going to it

## application:
As we do not have data connection outside of fosdem. It could be a good
idea to provide the information on transportation in the application.

And also, tell people they can pay the ticket inside the bus. Not more 
than 5€.

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