[FOSDEM] Keysigning party / trusting government-issued ID?

Johan van Selst johans at fosdem.org
Thu Jan 5 21:31:01 CET 2017

Hi Daniel,

Daniel Pocock wrote:
> Will people be trusting Government-issued ID documents at the keysigning
> party this year?  What are the alternatives?  Would anybody be
> interested in expanding the information about this topic on the page[1]
> about FOSDEM keysigning?

I expect that people this year will not be trusting passports that
have printed "SPECIMEN" on them...

But a PGP keysigning does not aim to prevent signing keys from
government spy agencies who offer genuine passports that have been
issued to fake names. I doubt that many spies with such documents will
be standing in line for a couple of PGP signatures though.

Every keysigning participant is free to choose which documents they
accept as proof of identity and which keys they will or will not sign.
When you are unsure about somebody's proof of identity, I would
recommend that you do not sign their key. And people who don't trust
government issued ID documents at all, probably shouldn't join the

The organisers strongly recommend that every participant bring at least
one valid, generally recognised, official government issued ID with a
good photograph; such as a passport, or EU identity card. Bringing
multiple documents (e.g. an additional driver's license) is even better.

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