[FOSDEM] ham-radio

Jon Fautley jon.fautley at gmail.com
Thu Jan 12 22:39:05 CET 2017

On 31 Jan 2016, at 6:55, Kristoff wrote:

> Hi,
> For any fellow hams who happenn to have taken their handheld radio 
> with them, I am visiting FOSDEM today and will be QRV and calling "CQ 
> FOSDEM" at 433.500 Mhz (calling frequency 70 cm) FM inbetween talks.

Reviving an old thread, but as a reminder for those of you suitably 
equipped (and licensed!) that there’ll likely be FOSDEM attendees 
monitoring the amateur bands.

I’ll have my 70cm DMR/Analog radio with me again this year.

73 de Jon (ON/)M0NGY

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