[FOSDEM] requirement to start a devroom

Martin Braun martin at gnuradio.org
Sat Jul 8 02:08:41 CEST 2017

On 07/06/2017 11:59 AM, Daniel Pocock wrote:
> [...]
> How would you feel about a slight name change, maybe "SDR and Ham
> software dev-room"?  Would you want to have people like Kristoff join
> the admin team for the room?  The RTC room had 4 admins this year, this
> makes it easier for people to take breaks.

I'm not sure if this is the right discussion forum, and Kristoff seems
to have his own ideas :)

We should probably take this offline. In summary, I'm not a fan of that
particular name because as I mentioned earlier, we already have more
than just pure SDR topics, but I'm definitely open for a different name
than just "Software Defined Radio Devroom".

(And yeah, I realize I don't get to decide this when all's said and
done. Just stating my intentions).


>> To be clear: I realise you weren't criticizing the SDR devroom or
>> FOSDEM, but rather making a suggestion. Creating a ham-specific devroom
>> would mean, though, cancelling something else. So what should it be?
>> Python devroom? Or the embedded devroom?
>> I'm being facetious, here, of course, to emphasize my point. Also, do
>> you really think that there will be 15-ish good speakers ready to speak
>> about non-SDR-related-but-ham-related stuff with an excellent
>> presentation? Even with broad subjects, it's some work to get a good
>> lineup of speakers.
> Actually, as the FOSDEM team already commented, they do chop and change
> dev-rooms every year.  So either RTC dev-room or the SDR dev-room could
> be skipped in 2018.
> In fact, we used to have separate Telecoms and XMPP dev-rooms (1 day
> each) and they were combined into a single day (RTC dev-room).
> Distributions used to have their own dev-rooms but now they get squeezed
> into one room.
>> For next year, I fully intend to propose another SDR devroom, and will
>> also, as usual, invite hams. We can broaden the CfP to make that clear,
>> too. Let's just increase the competition for slots, and make sure we get
>> the best speakers. And if a talk about satellite tracking lands in the
>> SDR track, oh well, what's the big deal. We'll put it after the talk on
>> satellite ground stations if we have another one of those.
> One thing we tried with RTC the last two years is reducing talk slots to
> 20 minutes, like TED talks.  Then we don't have to turn away so many
> speakers.  I understand some demos need more than that, up to a full
> hour, but we felt good about this in the RTC dev-room.

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