[FOSDEM] SDN/NFV OpenvSwitch - OpenLISP CP

Massimiliano Gualtieri massimiliano.gualtieri at gmail.com
Tue Mar 7 19:03:56 CET 2017

Hi everyone,

i want to add  LISP mapping system support for my OVS.
In my bridge i create a lisp port that encapsulate/decapsulate packets.
LISP mapping system is implement in OpenLISP CP.
I have installed OpenLISP CP on a LXC that is connected to OVS.

I send Lisp control-packets to OpenLisp CP from OVS (tp_dst=4342) for
obtain the new destination address using the mapping system installed and
configured on the LXC.

How can i add flows from LXC to OVS?

I want to do this:

              |  OpenLisp  |
              |      CP          |
             |                      |
EID----[eth0]  OVS  [lisp0] ------ RLOC
             |                      |

When i obtain the destination address i want to add flows to OVS from the
LXC with the new destination.

How can i do?

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