[FOSDEM] FOSDEM'18 HPC, Big Data, and Data Science Devroom Call for Participation

Kenneth Hoste kenneth.hoste at ugent.be
Thu Oct 12 11:41:47 CEST 2017

FOSDEM'18 HPC, Big Data, and Data Science Devroom Call for Participation

Sunday, February 4th, 2018, Brussels, Belgium

# Overview

We are proud to announce the 3rd edition of the HPC, Big Data and Data 
devroom, co-located with FOSDEM 2018. FOSDEM is an annual conference 
about free
and open source software, attended by over 5000 developers and open-source
enthusiasts from all over the world. This devroom is organised by 
from the HPC and Big Data communities, who are joining forces to bring both
communities together.

     High Performance Computing (HPC) and Big Data are two important 
     to scientific computing. HPC typically deals with smaller, highly 
     data sets and huge amounts of computation while Big Data, not 
     deals with gigantic, unstructured data sets and focuses on the I/O
     bottlenecks. With the Big Data trend unlocking access to an 
     amount of data, Data Science has emerged to tackle the problem of 
     processes and approaches to extracting knowledge or insights from 
these data
     sets. Machine learning and predictive analytics algorithms have 
joined the
     family of more traditional HPC algorithms and are pushing the 
     of cluster and data scalability.

     Free and Open Source communities have been the foundation of the 
HPC and Big
     Data communities for some time. In the HPC community, it should be no
     surprise that 498 of the Top500 supercomputers in the world run 
Linux. On
     the Big Data side, the Hadoop ecosystem has had a tremendous amount 
of Open
     Source contributions from a wide range of organizations coming together
     under the Apache Software Foundation.

     Our goal is to bring the communities together, share expertise, 
learn how we
     can benefit from each other’s work and foster further joint 
research and
     collaboration. We welcome talks about Free and Open Source 
solutions to the
     challenges presented by large scale computing, data management and data

The devroom will take place on Sunday, February 4th, 2018, at ULB (Campus
Solbosch), in Brussels, Belgium. Join us to enjoy a full day of talks, 
demos and
interesting discussions on open-source HPC, Big Data and Data Science.

Sounds interesting? Submit your talk proposal below and see you in Brussels!

# Topics

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

     Architecture and design of High Performance Computing (HPC) and Big 

     Architecture and design of Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) and data
     acquisition pipelines

     Data security and governance

     Tools and technologies related to HPC and computational science, for
         Multithreading (OpenMP, etc.)
         Distributed computing (MPI, etc.)
         GPGPU computing (OpenCL, OpenACC, etc.)
         Parallel filesystems and storage
         Large-scale performance analysis and debugging
     Computational paradigms for Big Data systems
         MapReduce engines
         Streaming engines
         SQL engines
         Dataflow engines
     Emerging hardware trends of large scale clusters
         Large scale memory pooling
         High-speed interconnects
         ARM cluster architecture
     System administration of HPC and Big Data clusters

     User support tools

     Machine learning libraries and tools

     Scientific software applications, tools and libraries (across all 

     Big Data platforms, extensions to existing systems, libraries, APIs

     Experience reports on using Big Data systems, for example:
         Large-scale deployments
         Development and configuration issues
         Tuning and performance tips and lessons learned
     Interesting Big Data use-cases and applications

     Comparative analysis of existing systems, evaluation results, 

     Interdisciplinary HPC/Big Data use-cases, for example:
         Applications using both HPC and Big Data technologies
         Integration issues
         Open research problems on the convergence of HPC and Big Data
         Running MPI jobs on Big Data clusters and vice-versa

# Submission

We invite presenters to submit talk proposals to present high-quality 
work with
sufficient background material to be clear to the HPC, Big Data, and/or Data
Science communities. Talk proposals should be submitted through the FOSDEM
Pentabarf server. Submissions must include:

     Session type
     Session length
     Expected prior knowledge / intended audience
     Speaker bio
     Links to code / slides / material for the talk (optional)
     Links to previous talks by the speaker

Our intention is to have a full day of talks of about 20 minutes each, 
with an
additional 5 minutes for questions by attendees.

We would also like to note:

     Talks will be streamed live and will be recorded. By submitting a 
     speakers agree to being recorded and having their talk made available.

     All accepted talks will be about (using) free and open source 
software. We
     highly discourage “marketing” talks.

Submit here: <https://penta.fosdem.org/submission/FOSDEM18>

When submitting your talk in Pentabarf, make sure to select the ‘HPC, 
Big Data,
and Data Science Devroom’ as the ‘Track’.

If you already have a Pentabarf account from a previous FOSDEM edition, 
reuse it. Create an account if, and only if, you don’t have one from a 
year. If you have any issues with Pentabarf, do not despair: contact
hpc-bigdata-devroom [at] lists.fosdem.org.

# Dates

Call for participation available: Thursday October 12th 2017

Call for participation closes: Friday November 24th 2017

Devroom schedule available: Friday December 15th 2017

Devroom date: Sunday February 4th 2018

# Organizers

     Kenneth Hoste - HPC team at Ghent University
     Vasia Kalavri - ETH Zürich
     Roman Shaposhnik

Please email hpc-bigdata-devroom at lists.fosdem.org with questions or 

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