[FOSDEM] first edition of the SDR devroom at fosdem ?

Kristoff kristoff at skypro.be
Thu Feb 8 09:07:10 CET 2018


A small quesion about the history of FOSDEM.
Perhaps somebody can help me.

I have been asked to write a rapport on the infobooth we had at FOSDEM 
2018. I'm now gathering background some more background information on 
FOSDEM itself.

Does anybody know when was the the first edition of the SDR devroom at 
The first time I attended FOSDEM and the SDR devroom was (I think) in 
2014, but I have no idea how long it already existed.

It is correct to say that -at first- FOSDEM was a pure "software" 
conference, and later grew into more not-pure-software subjects too 
(SDR, open harware, hardware developer tools, GEOspacial, ..)?

I guess this change probably happened gradually but I would be nice to 
have a rought idea when this happened?

Thanks! :-)

Kr. Bonne

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