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Mon Oct 29 09:29:06 CET 2018

Dear friends and fans of free tools and editors everywhere,

Next year's FOSDEM (the free and open source developer's meeting in Brussels, Europe) will for the very first time feature a track dedicated to developers and users of free tools and editors:



We therefore invite developers and users of free tools and editors of all kinds to participate in this track and present your projects, roadmaps, demos, hacks, and codes. At FOSDEM, we hope to network all these projects and improve collaboration, bring new ideas forward, and get more people involved.

To suggest a talk, go to the following location:


...and follow the instructions (you need an account, but can use your account from last year if you have one). You need to create an 'Event’; make sure it's in the "Free Tools and Editors devroom”. Lengths aren’t fixed, but please give a realistic estimate and please don't exceed 30 minutes unless you have something special planned (in that case, contact one of us). Also, don't forget to include time for Q&A. We will typically go for 30-minute slots -- shorter talks, unless they're really short, usually tend to mess up the schedule too much.

You aren't limited to slide presentations, of course — in fact, we hope you’ll focus on code. Be creative. However, FOSDEM is an open source conference, therefore we ask you to stay very clear of marketing presentations and focus on presenting something relevant to free/open software. We like nitty-gritty technical stuff.

Topics discussed in this devroom can relate to any programming language, and focus on:

* Libraries and frameworks
* Code generators
* Code editors
* Visual tools


FOSDEM is February 2nd and 3rd, 2019.

* December 7 2018: Submission Deadline
* December 15 2018: Schedule is finalized. We will announce the detailed agenda shortly after that.
* February 3 2019: The devroom takes places

FOSDEM is always full to the brim with presentations, so if you want to present, please make sure to submit your abstracts soon!


The track committee consists of:

* Trisha Gee (JetBrains)
* Lars Vogel (Eclipse)
* Johan Vos (Gluon)
* Geertjan Wielenga (NetBeans)

Hope to hear from you soon! And please forward this announcement.

Trisha, Lars, Johan, and Geertjan
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