[FOSDEM] Thank you

WvD wendy at wendy.org
Tue Feb 5 12:24:16 CET 2019

The Perl-team thanks the FOSDEM-organisation for all they did.  Thank 
you for the booth, electricity, cleanliness, location of our booth, 
support.  We got a lot of visitors to our booth, also from your staff 
and volunteers.  We had a good FOSDEM.  Next year, we hope we get a 
devroom again, we (and many of our visitors) sadly missed that this year.

Kind regards,

Wendy van Dijk
Staff Perl-booth

At 01:12 AM 2/4/2019, Philippe De Swert wrote:
 >First of all a big thank you to all speakers, devroom organizers and
 >all other volunteers that make this event possible. Also a big thank
 >you for all our visitors. Without all of you FOSDEM would not be. As
 >staff member and building responsible for the UA, UB and UC, I
 >especially would like to thank devroom managers from the U building
 >which did an exemplary job with their devrooms this year, saving us
 >several hours of cleaning time. It is very much appreciated!
 >Up to an even better FOSDEM next year!
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