[FOSDEM] [CFP] Internet of Things (IOT) devroom at FOSDEM 2020: call for proposals

Benjamin Henrion zoobab at gmail.com
Fri Oct 18 11:37:44 CET 2019

Internet of Things (IOT) devroom at FOSDEM 2020: call for proposals


We're calling for presentations on Internet of Things (IOT) at FOSDEM
2020 devroom.

As Helen Duce said, "We have a clear vision: to create a world where
every object -
from jumbo jets to sewing needles - is linked to the Internet."

Do you have an interesting IOT project to show, like this one?


This will be the 5th year for the IOT devroom, and we will dedicate an
hour for "Super
 Lightning Talks (SLT)", where you will have 5 minutes to show your
IOT pet project.


Proposals should be submitted by the 15 Dec 2019, 23H59, Brussels time.


We're looking for talks that cover FLOSS solutions for:

* machine-to-machine (M2M) communication on small embedded devices
* distributed applications in any field of interest for
autonomous/self-controlled devices, (e.g. domotics, automotive, etc)
* networking: TCP/IP, mesh networking, message queuing, cross-layer solutions
* Real-life problematics such as
  - Out of grid communications
  - Resiliance
  - Security
  - Cost of maintenance
  - Power Management
  - Reachability
  - Containers
* Interoperability solutions for heterogeneous applications, devices,
protocols, media

All presentations must be fully FLOSS, and related to software development.


The devroom will last one day, approx from 10.30 until 18:00. Talks
will last 25 minutes each, starting on the hour, with a 5-minute break
between talks. There will be no break for lunch.

Speakers should respect the following talk format:
  1. Live demo: a 5 to 10 minutes (live demo preferred over pre-recorded)
  2. Explanation:  5 to 10 minutes
  3. Q&A: 5 minutes

Make sure you stick to your 25 minute time slot. All talks
are recorded and streamed live, and by submitting a talk you agree to

We want to make this devroom as interesting and diverse as possible,
which means we will favor talks that contrast each other.

The IoT devroom will be on Saturday 1st OR Sunday 2nd February 2020.

How to Submit a Proposal

If you have an IoT project you'd like to present, please submit it via
FOSDEM's Pentabarf web tool:


You will create an account (if you don't have one from a previous
year), and select the "Internet of Things
devroom" as the track. Every submission received will be reviewed and
we’ll then make a selection from all the submitted proposals.

How to Submit a Super Lighting Talk?

And the end of the day, we will reserve an hour to show 12 different projects,
in Super Lighting Talks of 5 minutes each. Try to submit them via Pentabarf,
if it fails submit them via email.


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* Maxime Vincent <maxime.vince AT gmail.com>

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