[FOSDEM] [CFP] Hardware-Aided Trusted Computing Devroom

Jo Van Bulck jo.vanbulck at cs.kuleuven.be
Mon Dec 7 11:23:03 UTC 2020

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Following the success of [last year's
we are for the 2nd time organizing a devroom devoted to the emerging
open-source ecosystem around *hardware-based Trusted Execution
Environments (TEEs)*. Under TEEs, we understand architectures that allow
to isolate and attest trusted "enclave" software components running on
top of a potentially compromised operating system. Over the last years,
all major processor vendors have developed some form of TEE support,
e.g., Intel's [Software Guard Extensions
and upcoming [Trust Domain Extensions
and upcoming
 AMD's [Secure Encrypted Virtualization
(SEV)](https://developer.amd.com/sev/) and upcoming SEV-ES/SEV-SNP
extensions, and IBM's [Protected Execution Facility

Hence, with today's mainstream consumer hardware being increasingly
shipped with these advanced trusted computing technologies, this devroom
wants to foster discussion on the much-needed open-source TEE ecosystem
amongst industry players, academics, enthusiasts, hobbyists, and project

## Desirable topics

The devroom's topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

* Programming frameworks for TEEs: how to develop free and open-source
software   that can run inside enclaves (e.g., library OSs, SDKs, Linux
kernel support, etc.).
* Compiler and language support for emerging trusted hardware extensions.
* Open-source enclave processor designs (e.g., RISC-V TEEs).
* Use cases and applications on top of TEEs.
* TEE-specific attacks and defenses: reverse engineering, side-channels,
vulnerabilities, exploits.
* Vision: future TEEs (what is missed, proposals, wishes, discussions).

## New rules: What changes since last year

For obvious reasons, this year the event will not take place in a
physical location but online.

* The reference time will be [Brussels local lime
* Talks will be pre-recorded in advance, and streamed during the event.
* Q/A session will be take live.
* A facility will be provided for people watching to chat between
* A facility will be provided for people watching to submit questions.
* Once your talk was accepted, we will assign you a deputy to help you
to produce the pre-recorded content.
* During the stream of your talk, you must be available online for the
Q/A session

## Key dates

* <mark>Submission deadline: 23 December 2020</mark>
* Announcement of selected talks: 31 December 2020
* Conference dates 6 & 7 February 2021 **(online)**
* Hardware-Aided Trusted Computing devroom date: Saturday 6 February
2021 **(online)**

## Submit a talk proposal

Submissions are required to proceed through the [FOSDEM 2021 Pentabarf
website](https://penta.fosdem.org/submission/FOSDEM21). Create an
"event" and click on "Show all" in the top right corner to display the
full form.

Your submission must include the following information:

* Your contact email.
* The title (and possible subtitle) of your talk: please be descriptive,
as the audience will have to choose to attend your talk out of a listing
with ~500 talks from other projects at FOSDEM.
* Select "Hardware-Aided Trusted Computing devroom" as the track.
* A short abstract of one paragraph.
* A longer description if you wish to do so.
* Links to related websites / blogs etc.

## Contact and organizers

* Main organizer: Jo Van Bulck (jo.vanbulck at cs.kuleuven.be)
* The devroom is supported by the [Confidential Computing

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