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Nicola Corti corti.nico at gmail.com
Sat Dec 4 19:21:42 UTC 2021

Hey all,
I'm excited to announce the CFP for the Kotlin DevRoom @ FOSDEM 2022.

You can find the most up-to-date CFP here:

I'm pasting here below as well,


Hello fellow Kotliners,

We're back with another edition of the Kotlin DevRoom @ FOSDEM 2022.
We can't be more than excited to offer the Kotlin open-source
community a space to virtually meet and be represented. Looking
forward to connecting with you all on the 6th of February 2022 online.

Here you can find the CFP (Call For Papers) for submitting your talks
and have the opportunity to deliver a talk during the Kotlin DevRoom.
The deadline for submitting is December 27th 2021, please read below
for more details on how to apply.

## About FOSDEM

From: https://fosdem.org/2022/about/
FOSDEM is a free and non-commercial event organised by the community,
for the community.
The goal is to provide free and open source software developers and
communities a place to meet to:

- get in touch with other developers and projects
- be informed about the latest developments in the free software and
open source world
- attend interesting talks and presentations on various topics by
project leaders and committers
- promote the development and benefits of free software and open
source solutions

Participation and attendance is totally free, though the organisers
gratefully accept donations and sponsorship.

## About the Kotlin DevRoom

The Kotlin DevRoom is a co-located conference-within-a-conference that
gives us the opportunity to come together and chat, hack, and share
stories about Kotlin usage in the FLOSS ecosystems.

The DevRoom will take place online on Sunday, the 6th of February 2022.

Join us to enjoy a full day of talks, demos, and interesting
discussions about Kotlin!

## How to submit

We welcome any talk proposals about Kotlin-related projects.
Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

- the Kotlin Language
- Android app development with Kotlin
- Kotlin Multiplatform
- Kotlin/Native
- Kotlin/JS
- Coroutines
- Functional Programming
- Kotlin Scripting
- IoT
- Data Science
- Libraries and Frameworks in Kotlin
- Compiler plugins and optimizations
- Jetpack Compose
- Developer Tooling

We are looking for proposals for 25 minute talks (suggested 20 minute
talk + 5 minute Q&A).

We invite authors to submit original, high-quality work with
sufficient background material to be clear to the community.

All presentations will need to be pre-recorded and put into our system
by January 15th. Your presentation will be streamed the day of the
event and we will run the Q&A just after.

By submitting a talk you agree to be available the day of the event to
participate to the live Q&A.

Please be aware of the fact that DevRoom talks at FOSDEM will be made
available online afterwards. The recordings will be published under
the same license as all FOSDEM content (CC-BY). By agreeing to present
at FOSDEM, you automatically give permission to be recorded.

Submissions must include:

- Abstract
- Expected prior knowledge / intended audience
- Speaker bio
- A contact so we can reach out to you the day of the event
- Links to code / slides / material for the talk (optional)
- Links to previous talks by the speaker (optional)

Please submit through Pentabarf here

When submitting your talk in Pentabarf, make sure to select 'Kotlin
Devroom' as the 'Track’.

Create a Pentabarf account if, and only if, you don't already have one
from a previous year; please double check if you have an account you
can reuse! If you have any issues with Pentabarf, do not despair and
please contact us (see below).

# Important dates

- Call for papers available: 1st December 2021
- Call for participation closes: 27th December 2021
- Devroom schedule available: 15th January 2022
- Devroom day: Sunday 6th February 2022 (09:00 to 17:00 CET)

Are you excited for the Kotlin DevRoom? Submit your talk proposal and
we will hopefully see you online!

## Code of Conduct

Following the release of the updated code of conduct for FOSDEM, we'd
like to remind all speakers and attendees that all of the
presentations and discussions in our devroom are held under the
guidelines set in the CoC and we expect attendees, speakers, and
volunteers to follow the CoC at all times.

FOSDEM CoC can be found online here: https://fosdem.org/2022/practical/conduct/

## Call for Volunteers

We are also looking for volunteers to help run the devroom. We need
assistance with helping speakers to record the presentation as well as
helping with streaming and chat moderation for the devroom. Please
join the #fosdem channel
(https://kotlinlang.slack.com/messages/fosdem) on Kotlinlang Slack to

## Contacts

Please reach out to us on the #fosdem channel
(https://kotlinlang.slack.com/messages/fosdem) on the Kotlinlang Slack
(sign up here: https://t.co/kwvW0nQzRf?amp=1) if you have any question
about the DevRoom, the submission process, or similar.

On behalf of the organisers,
— Nicola Corti

Nicola Corti - Kotlin GDE - Android Infrastructure Engineer
corti.nico at gmail.com
"Look wide, and even when you think you are looking wide – look wider still!"

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