[FOSDEM] Virtual Valgrind Fosdem Devroom

Mark Wielaard mark at klomp.org
Mon Dec 13 17:04:33 UTC 2021

Hi valgrind hackers,

Valgrind will participate in the Virtual Fosdem on Sunday 6 February
2022 https://fosdem.org/2022/schedule/track/valgrind/

We would like to invite people to propose talks on valgrind by
submitting a talk proposal to 
Please select the "Valgrind Devroom" Track.
(If you have any trouble creating a penta login or submission please
contact Julian and me with your proposal.)

Because Fosdem will be virtual this year we will likely ask talks to be
pre-recorded in advance and after playing your presentation we will do
a live Q/A session using Jitsi and Matrix.

Please pick a time that includes the length of your (recorded) talk
plus ~15 minutes Q/A.

We would like to finalize the schedule the first week of January so
that people have enough time to record their talk, so please submit
your proposals before the end of year (31 December 2021).

Some possible topics for talks/discussions are:

- New (or recently added) ports.
- New CPU (instruction) support.
- New (ideas/prototypes) of valgrind tools.
- Valgrind release/bugfixing strategy/policy.
- Advances in gdbserver and the GDB remote serial protocol.
- DWARF, debuginfo, symbols and debuginfod servers.
- Using valgrind with "safe" languages (Rust).
- Adding/Testing Valgrind syscalls support.
- Infrastructure changes (speedups) to the Valgrind JIT framework.
- Your interesting use case with Valgrind.


Mark & Julian

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