[FOSDEM] Call for Participation: Haskell Devroom 2023

Fraser Tweedale frase at frase.id.au
Sat Nov 12 12:19:08 UTC 2022

We are thrilled to announce the **FOSDEM 2023 Haskell Devroom** and
issue this Call for Participation.

FOSDEM 2023 will be held on 4 & 5 February 2023, in Brussels.  For
more information see the official site: https://fosdem.org/2023/.
The Haskell devroom will take place on Sunday 5 February, from
13:10 to 17:00 UTC+1.  Presentations will be also streamed live and
published afterwards.

## Key Dates

2022-11-28: Submission Deadline
2022-12-12: Announcement of selected talks
2023-02-05: Haskell Devroom

## About the Haskell devroom

Haskell is a statically typed functional programming language.  Its
vibrant community spans industry, academia and the hobbyist realm.
The Haskell devroom welcomes people new to Haskell or functional
programming, as well as intermediate or experienced Haskellers.

The Haskell devroom will:

- Advocate the Haskell programming language, and its community, to a
  wide audience of free software developers and users.

- Promote and support participation in free software projects that
  use Haskell.

- Teach Haskell (more broadly, functional) programming techniques,
  and introduce important libraries, frameworks or developer tools.

## Call for Participation

We invite proposals for talks, tutorials and demos on topics

- Introductory talks teaching functional programming concepts and
  Haskell programming

- Practical advice for Haskell programming: developer tools, package
  ecosystem, Haskell in production.

- "Show and tell" session for people to introduce Haskell projects
  they are involved with, and invite contributions.

- Experience reports: share about problems you tackled using
  Haskell, and the outcomes.

- What is going on in the Haskell community?  Where and how you can
  get involved?

Sessions will have a maximum duration of 30 minutes, including
questions.  You are welcome to propose shorter sessions (for example
a demo, short talk or Q&A).

This is an in-person event.  Presenters must be able to attend to
deliver their presentation.

## Code of conduct

Speakers and attendees must abide by the FOSDEM Code of Conduct[1].
Also, because this is a Haskell community event we expect
participants to follow the Haskell Foundation Guidelines for
Respectful Communication[2].

[1] https://fosdem.org/2023/practical/conduct/
[2] https://haskell.foundation/guidelines-for-respectful-communication/

If you submit a proposal and it is accepted, you will be required to
confirm that you accept the FOSDEM Code of Conduct.  If you have any
questions about the Code of Conduct or wish to have one of the
devroom organizers review your presentation slides or any other
content for compliance, please email us and we will do our best to
assist you.

## How to submit

Submit proposals through the FOSDEM Pentabarf submission tool[3].
If you do not already have an account, you need to create one.

[3] https://penta.fosdem.org/submission/FOSDEM23

Go to "Create Event" and select the "Haskell devroom" track.
Ensure you fill the following fields:

- Event title
- Track ("Haskell devroom")
- Duration (including questions; <= 30 minutes)
- Event type
- Short abstract
- Full abstract
- Submission notes (if any)

You can use the Submission notes to mention:

- Any special requirements
- Anything else you want the organisers/reviewers to know

In the "Person" profile section please provide your:

- Name, nickname (optional), image
- Short Biography
- Email address
- Phone number (in case we need to contact you during the conference)

Presentations will be live-streamed and recordings published under
the CC-BY licence.  By submitting you consent to having your
presentation recorded, broadcast and published under the CC-BY

## People and contacts

The Haskell devroom organisers are:

- Fraser Tweedale
- Troels Henriksen

If you need to reach the Haskell devroom organisers or program
committee, email <haskell-devroom-manager at fosdem.org>.

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