[FOSDEM] Call for Participation: Open Source Firmware, BMC and Bootloader devroom at FOSDEM 2023

Daniel Kiper dkiper at net-space.pl
Wed Nov 16 19:04:58 UTC 2022

FOSDEM'23 Open Source Firmware, BMC and Bootloader devroom

The Open Source Firmware, BMC and Bootloader devroom will take place on
Sunday, 5th February 2023 at FOSDEM, Brussels, Belgium.

Call for Participation

We are opening the call for participation to our devroom, with the deadline
for talk proposals set on Monday, 12th December 2022 23:59:59 UTC.

Devroom Scope

The devroom will focus on various topics related to the open source
firmware, BMC and bootloaders including security issues. It will help to
get together all interested people in one place, present and discuss
current developments and issues haunting the community. Additionally, it
will foster awareness among attendees about pre-OS topics.

Possible topics: GRUB, TrustedGRUB, iPXE, TrenchBoot, coreboot, LinuxBoot,
SeaBIOS, UEFI, OVMF, TianoCore, hostboot, IPMI, OpenBMC, u-bmc, oreboot, TPM,
attestation, security of firmware, BMC, bootloaders, embedded controllers and
related topics and technologies.

Ideal submissions are actionable and opinionated. Submissions may be in
the form of 25 minutes talks (preferred), panel sessions or round-table


Submission Deadline:     12-Dec-2022 @ 23:59:59 UTC
Acceptance Notification: 15-Dec-2022
Final Schedule Posted:   20-Dec-2022

How to submit

Visit https://penta.fosdem.org/submission/FOSDEM23

1) If you do not have an account from previous years, create one here
2) Click "Create Event"
3) Enter your presentation details
4) Be sure to select the Open Source Firmware,  BMC and Bootloader devroom track!
5) Submit

What to include

- The title of your submission
- A 1-paragraph abstract
- A longer description including the benefit of your talk to your target
  audience, including a definition of your target audience
- Approximate length/type of submission (talk, BoF, ...)
- Links to related websites/blogs/talk material (if any)

Administrative Notes

FOSDEM23 is going physical again and will take place in Brussels, Belgium. The
talks will be presented live along with Q&A. Presenting at FOSDEM implies
permission to record your session and distribute the recording afterwards. All
videos will be made available under the standard FOSDEM content license (CC-BY).

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the devroom organizers:
   Daniel Kiper (daniel.kiper at oracle.com) and
   Michał Żygowski (michal.zygowski at 3mdeb.com).

Daniel & Michał

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