[FOSDEM] Call for Participation: Railways and Open Transport Devroom

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Fri Nov 10 15:08:29 UTC 2023

# Railways and Open Transport Devroom at FOSDEM 2024 - Call for Participation

( Potential changes and more information at https://github.com/OpenRailAssociation/FOSDEM )

We are excited to announce that for the second time there will be a
**Railways and Open Transport devroom** at FOSDEM, after its
well-received debut in 2023:

Together, we explore the space of Free and Open Source Software in the
context of railways and public transport. We invite you to participate
by presenting your work and projects in this space. Once again, this
will be excellent opportunity to show what you are doing and discuss it
with like-minded people from the community: https://fosdem.org/submit

FOSDEM is Europe's largest gathering of Free and Open Source Software
developers and enthusiasts, with thousands of people attending and
hundreds of talks taking place each year. FOSDEM 2024 will happen on the
weekend of 3-4 February 2024 as an in-person event in Brussels at the
ULB university.

## Key dates

For the Call for Presentations process:
* 1 December: CfP submission deadline
* 15 December: Announcement of selected talks
* 3 February: Railways and Open Transport devroom at FOSDEM, you must be
  available onsite to present your talk (tentatively between 10:30 and
  14:30 local time)

## Topics

We are interested in presentations on any topic related to Free and Open
Source Software in the context of railways and public transport.
Possible topics include:

* Dealing with schedules, time tables, live information about trains and
  public transport
* Simulation of network behavior, traffic, dispatching, schedules
* Open approaches to transport interoperability and standards
* Operation of infrastructure and vehicles, open source in a
  safety-critical environment
* Information systems for trains, stations, infrastructure, ...
* Geo software, mapping, navigation tools
* Accessibility assistants for travelers
* Railway games
* Research topics, AI applications, AR, conversational UI
* Booking, tickets, travel planning
* ...

The audience is developers and enthusiasts of Free and Open Source
Software. This includes a good number of railway fans and people active
in related communities.

## Submission process

Please submit your proposals at via FOSDEM's new conference system by 1
December 2023, 00:00 (Europe/Brussels, UTC+1). The accounts from
previous FOSDEM editions won't work, please create new ones:

Important notes:
* Your on-site availability is required, we do not accept remote
* Preferred talk length is 30 minutes including Q&A. We also welcome
  shorter talks. Please state the length of the talk in the submission
* The conference language is English.

Here is how you can submit a presentation to our devroom:

1. Go to the event website: https://fosdem.org/submit
2. If you already have an account, press "login" on the top-right
   corner. Otherwise, click "Go to CfP"
3. Click "Submit a proposal" and fill in the form:
    1. Provide the **proposal title**. This will also be in the final
       program, so make it informative and attractive
    2. Select the **Track**: Railways and Open Transport
    3. Add a meaningful **abstract**. We recommend 1-2 paragraphs that
       shortly explains what you will be talking about and why people
       should join.
    4. Optionally, you can add a longer **description**. This will also
       be public once accepted.
    5. Add the length of your session in the **submission notes**.
       Optionally add any other information. The submission notes will
       only be visible for the organisers and could contain extra
    6. You may also add **additional speakers** by putting their email
       addresses in the box.
    7. Select an **Open Source license** under which the initiative or
       project you talk about is published.
    8. You may add **extra review material**, only visible to the
       organisers, e.g. images or a presentation.
    9. Optionally, you can also add **extra contact information** apart
       from your email address.
4. Hit "Continue". Depending on whether you already logged in, you may
   now create a new account, log in with your existing one, or just be
   directed to the next step.
5. Now, you can provide information about yourself:
    1. Upload a **picture** of yourself if you haven't already
    2. Add your **name**
    3. We recommend to add a short **biography**, telling us and the
       audience a bit more about yourself
    4. Regarding the availability, you don't have to add that. Our
       devroom will be on Saturday morning
    5. Click "Submit proposal!" and wait for our response. Thank you!

If you run into issues with your submission, please reach out to us so
we can assist you. See below for contact details.

## Recordings

The talks are usually recorded on-site. Any recordings will be published
under the same license as all FOSDEM content (CC-BY-2.0). By submitting
a proposal and agreeing to present in the Railways and Open Transport
devroom, you give permission to be recorded.

## How can I contact you?

The organizers of the devroom can be reached by sending email to
railways-devroom-devroom-manager (at) fosdem.org. Please do not
hesitate to contact us if you have any inquiry or suggestion for the

Max Mehl, Simon Clavier, Cornelius Schumacher, Loic Hamelin, Peter Keller
- Railways and Open Transport devroom co-organizers


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