[FOSDEM] [CfP] Real Time Communications devroom at FOSDEM 2024

Saúl Ibarra Corretgé s at saghul.net
Mon Nov 13 08:29:34 UTC 2023

Hi all,

This is a call for proposals for the Real Time Communications devroom.

This document contains information about:

- Real-Time Communications developer room (devroom)
- speaking opportunities
- volunteering

## Call for participation - Real Time Communications (RTC)

The Real-Time devroom is about all things involving real-time communication,
including: XMPP, SIP, WebRTC, telephony, mobile VoIP, codecs, peer-to-peer,
privacy, encryption, broadcasting and more!

**We are looking for speakers for the devroom and volunteers who can help
manage the scheduling and live Q&A sessions.**

The devroom will take place for **a full day on Sunday**

To discuss the devroom, volunteer or ask questions, please join the
[Free-RTC mailing list](http://lists.freertc.org/mailman/listinfo/discuss)

### Key dates

- 8th December: Submission deadline
- 22th December: Announcement of selected talks
- 3-4 February: Conference date

### Speaking opportunities

Please use the [Pentalax](https://fosdem.org/submit) system to submit a 
talk proposal for the

Note that this is a new submission system and accounts from pentabarf 
were not
migrated: Presenters will have to create a new account.

### First-time speaking?

FOSDEM devrooms are a welcoming environment for people who have never
given a talk before. Please feel free to contact the devroom administrators
personally if you would like to ask any questions about it.

### Submission guidelines

The Pentalax system is new, please make sure you take some time to get 
with it.

We will be looking for relevance to the conference and devroom themes,
presentations aimed at developers of free and open source software about
RTC-related topics.

Please note FOSDEM aims to record and live-stream all talks.
The CC-BY license is used.

## Volunteers needed

To make the devroom run successfully, we are looking for volunteers. 
Please reach
out to the organizers!

## Spread the word and discuss

If you know of any mailing lists where this CfP would be relevant, please
forward this document. If this devroom excites you, please blog or microblog
about it, especially if you are submitting a talk.

If you regularly blog about RTC topics, please send details about your
blog to the planet site administrators:

- All projects    https://planet.freertc.org      planet at freertc.org
- XMPP            https://planet.jabber.org       ralphm at ik.nu
- SIP             https://planet.sip5060.net      planet at sip5060.net

Please also link to the Planet sites from your own blog or web site as
this helps everybody in the free real-time communications community.

## Contact

For any private queries, contact us directly using the address
**fosdem-rtc-admin at freertc.org** and for any other queries please ask on
the [Free-RTC mailing list].

The devroom administration team:

- Saúl Ibarra Corretgé <s at saghul.net>
- Daniel-Constantin Mierla <miconda at gmail.com>
- Lorenzo Miniero <lminiero at gmail.com>
- Ralph Meijer <ralphm at ik.nu>


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