[Security-devroom] Talk submission : SSH Libraries

Martin Paljak martin at martinpaljak.net
Fri Dec 17 21:35:18 CET 2010


On Dec 17, 2010, at 6:39 PM, Aris Adamantiadis wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm sorry I did not follow the procedure for the submission of talks. I
> already put a brief description of the talk on the wiki [1] but give the
> official submission now.
Actually either is OK, just the wiki will be the "master copy" of the documentation. I've added all submissions to the wiki already.

> Affiliation:
> libssh project, BELNET
> Bio:
> I'm lead of the libssh project [2], started in 2003. I work at BELNET
> (Belgian Research and Education Network) as technical advisor.
> Talk duration: 30 minutes (20 + 5 + 5). Can do less if that's absolutely
> needed.
30 minutes is OK unless you know for sure that it will be too much.
If current submission rate continues there will be no room for 60 minutes slots, because there are so many interesting topics, that already claim to fit into 30m slots :)
Currently the proposed talks either almost fill the available time or leave room for just two more, granted that the "bootstrap hour" will be scheduled.

> Talk: SSH libraries - what they can do for you.
> Since 2003, a few libraries that implement the SSH protocol are around.
> However, SSL and TLS are very popular protocols. Why would one use SSH
> for secure connection ?
Indeed, a good question. I personally like my ~/.ssh/authorized_keys/known hosts file more than I like the X509 CA list in any of the browsers...

> We will present the differences between SSH and TLS, as well as an
> overview of the different SSH libraries. We will then focus on libssh
> and give the status of the project, the achievements, and its future.
Be sure to touch on PKCS#11 support.



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