[Security-devroom] Restaurant on saturday's evening

Tomas Gustavsson tomas at primekey.se
Tue Feb 1 09:44:25 CET 2011

I would also had preferred one dinner hour earlier (we're used to that 
in sweden). But I'm too lazy/occupied to get involved myself, so I'll 
just go with the flow and be content with what is to kindly arranged by 
others :-)

Kind regards,

On 01/31/2011 07:24 PM, Peter Stuge wrote:
> Peter Stuge wrote:
>> Aris Adamantiadis wrote:
>>> I just contacted the restaurant. It's ok for 25 people (maybe more
>>> when I have more information), but we have to begin at 9.30 PM.
>> Fail. :\
> I must apologize. This deserves clarification!
> L'Artisan looks fantastic and I really would like to have dinner there.
> FOSDEM will be busy for me, and food options are quite limited on
> campus. I'll be starving by the time we close the devroom. My issue
> is strictly with the 9.30 time, although I normally love eating late.
> We should certainly plan some time to dismantle the room in peace and
> so that we do not have to rush when going to dinner, which would ruin
> the meal, but 2h30 is too long for me is what I was trying to say.
> Sorry for being unclear! :(
> I don't expect to bring much stuff so I will not stop by hotel before
> going for dinner. What plans do the rest of you have after the
> devroom closes? Aris kindly offered to try to adjust the reservation,
> what would be the prefered time for everyone?
> //Peter
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