[Security-devroom] Introduction talk and training

Jean-Michel Pouré - GOOZE jmpoure at gooze.eu
Wed Jan 5 13:00:44 CET 2011


Could we discuss the introduction talk at FOSDEM. 
These last two months, I did two presentations at Debian day and JM2L.

Based on these presentations, it seems that we could:

* Start with a 15 minutes slides presenting the various crypto
frameworks at OS level + application level. The last topic on CSP rang
the bell to me and this is really hell of a jungle. 

This presentation could be called 'Hell of a jungle' and be funny. 
Martin, maybe you could do it or I can take care of it.

* Make a 45 minutes training, showing and distributing some hardware.
People need to touch and manipulate the hardware and see it with their
own eyes. I propose to make that tutorial.

I can bring more than 50 readers and smartcards, OTPs and make a
detailed training. 

So to make it clear, my proposal would be to start with 15 minutes of
'Hell of a Jungle' and 45 minutes of training/hardware demo.

I am aware that FOSDEM is a developer show, but even developers would
probably like to see the hardware. People need to know what kind of
readers are available (internal, external, etc ...) and understand how
to insert cards, click on buttons. This needs to be simple.

Kind regards,
Jean-Michel POURE
                  Jean-Michel Pouré - Gooze - http://www.gooze.eu

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