[security-devroom] Please confirm you agree to have the video of your talk published

Kai Engert kaie at kuix.de
Wed Feb 8 21:03:27 CET 2012

We forgot to do this on paper this year...

Anders, Tomas, Kashyap, Branko, Chris, Benedikt, Paul,
could you please reply to this list, and confirm that

you agree that the recording of your talk in the security room at Fosdem 
2012 will be published via bittorrent and archived on video.fosdem.org.

I will publish the bittorrent as soon as I have heard back (agree or not 
agree) from each of you.

(Does anyone of you have the email address of Paul Bakker, or are you on 
this list?)

Thank you!

Sending me encrypted e-mail:
- get my S/MIME cert from https://kuix.de/smime-keyserver/
- get my GPG/PGP key from http://pgp.uni-mainz.de/

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