[security-devroom] Please confirm you agree to have the video of your talk published

Бранко Мајић branko at majic.rs
Wed Feb 8 21:15:46 CET 2012

Hello Kai,

I'd like to confirm with this e-mail that I agree to a video recording
of my presentation from FOSDEM 2012 being published publicly through
bittorrent and archived on the video.fosdem.org as well.

Best regards :)

Дана Wed, 08 Feb 2012 21:03:27 +0100
Kai Engert <kaie at kuix.de> написа:

> We forgot to do this on paper this year...
> Anders, Tomas, Kashyap, Branko, Chris, Benedikt, Paul,
> could you please reply to this list, and confirm that
> you agree that the recording of your talk in the security room at
> Fosdem 2012 will be published via bittorrent and archived on
> video.fosdem.org.
> I will publish the bittorrent as soon as I have heard back (agree or
> not agree) from each of you.
> (Does anyone of you have the email address of Paul Bakker, or are you
> on this list?)
> Thank you!
> Kai

Branko Majic
Jabber: branko at majic.rs
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Бранко Мајић
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