[security-devroom] FOSDEM 2012 Submission

Anders Rundgren anders at primekey.se
Thu Jan 5 13:42:44 CET 2012

Hi Guys,

If you have a devroom and there is time left, I would like to
elaborate on "Open Security Hardware".

Anders is a seasoned developer and entrepreneur who has
worked exclusively with Internet-based systems since 1995.
Anders is currently a consultant at PrimeKey solutions with
enrollment to EJBCA as a core working field.

Open Security Hardware is an effort creating a unified crypto container
that works equally well in traditional connected tokens (e.g. smart cards)
as in embedded systems like mobile phones.   The most important part of the
plot is the integration of an end-to-end-security token provisioning
scheme that is based on an enhanced Internet browser.

The 30min talk will elaborate of the technical details behind the paper:


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