Call for Presentations: FOSDEM Security devroom 2020

Jakub Jelen jjelen at
Fri Oct 4 10:38:43 CET 2019

Next FOSDEM [1] will, again, have a security devroom, this time on the 
topic of "Practial use of security technologies". We'd like to invite
submissions of talks and presentations from developers, security
researchers and other interested representatives of open source and
free software and hardware projects.

This is the call for talks and presentations that will take place in
the Security devroom at FOSDEM 2020.

Our topic this year:
This covers security protocols and their usability, the usability of
open source crypto libraries and applications from both developer and
user side, pitfails of using crypto, security threats, vulnerabilities
and their mitigations in real-world use cases.

For up-to-date submission and event information:

The security devroom will be held on Saturday 1st February 2019 in
Brussels, Belgium at ULB.

Feel free to forward this announcement to any relevant FOSS project
mailing list.


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