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Geert Stappers wrote:
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> H. Peter Anvin wrote:
>> Geert Stappers wrote:
>>> But more serious: Will HPA visit FOSDEM 2007 ?
>> Thanks for the reminder.  I'm poking the FOSDEM people again to see if 
>> they're interested and what they need.
> They just replied:
>> I'm sorry to tell you this, but the subject doesn't fit into the empty
>> slots in the different tracks.
>> I hope we'll see you at the conference as a visitor.
> Needless to say, I won't be there.
> 	-hpa
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> Hello,
> The above E-mail misses the information what the reply from FOSDEM side
> was on the question "What they need?"
> I'm asking because I wonder how ever the E-mail could end 
> in "It doesn't fit"
> So what was in the gap inbetween?

Bad communication, and <snips> in the mails probably

On the 20th of October I have got an email from Dag Wieers to H. Peter
Anvin with a part of internal mails. Where Dag tells H. Peter Anvin to
contact me if he was interested to do a talk.
As a FOSDEM organisator that co-works on the schedules I do get many
mails with propositions for main track.
The same day H. Peter Anvin mailed Dag (and myself) that he would mail me
with info.

The 4th of December I've got another mail from H. Peter Anvin, with a
kind of request if it'd be possible to speak at the main tracks.
> I just got reminded about this... the interest seems to be in me doing a 
> talk on the recent and planned developments of SYSLINUX.  I'd be 
> interested in doing so, and I'm pretty sure I can arrange the time, but 
> not the travel expenses.

As you can see my answer above, his talk doesn't fit into the empty slots
of the main tracks. With the conference a few months ahead many
timeslots/rooms are already booked. and even if the project and talk
about syslinux is really interesting there's no place left for this talk.

Making the FOSDEM conference bigger and having more lectures isn't also a
solution. There are two reasons for this. First of all, it'd be difficult
to get a large room. But the most important thing is that visitors are
already complaining that there are to many parallel lectures (if you
count the devrooms). So adding another room isn't an choice.

Thank you for understanding the situation,

Sincerely yours


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