[FOSDEM] Some FOSDEM speakers revealed

Ulrich Staudinger us at activestocks.de
Sun Nov 19 15:26:29 CET 2006

Christophe Vandeplas schrieb:
> >From our site: http://www.fosdem.org
> We are proud to announce the first list of speakers that will be present
> at the FOSDEM 2007 Conference, Brussels (Belgium).
> First of all Jim Gettys, the Vice President of Software at OLPC, will
> speak about the One Laptop Per Child project during either the keynote or
> the closing talk.
> In the Desktop Applications track you will be able to hear Øyvind Kolås
> tell something aboutGimp GEGL (GEneric Graphics Library).
> Kristian Hogsberg will introduce you to the eye-candy of Aiglx.
> On the Security side we are glad to have H D Moore. He will have a talk
> about the Metasploit Framework.
> With ReactOS celebrating his 10th birthday, we couldn't resist to invite
> Aleksey Bragin for the Kernels track.
> A last thing I am allowed to tell today, is that Jabber will be present
> on the Internet Services track with Peter Saint Andre as a speaker. Soon
> more info is coming...Keep an eye on the site, and see you soon at FOSDEM
> 2007, 24&25th February, Brussels/Belgium.
Hi there,
i am curious, what are the criterias by which you select speakers ?

Best regards,

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