[FOSDEM] Perl dev room

ecocode eco at ecocode.net
Wed Nov 29 23:49:34 CET 2006

* Gerry Demaret <gdemaret at fosdem.org> wrote:
| Hello Erik,
| > I posted an inquiry to info at fosdem.org but got no answer yet.
| Strange... could you give me an indication of the date & time you sent it?

I've sent it yesterday...

| I'm really sorry, but all the devrooms we had available for FOSDEM
| 2007 have already been booked for the whole weekend. I hope there will
| be one available for you for the next edition. My advice would be to
| ask for one a lot sooner too. In case your first message was sent
| really early, I'm again sorry. None of us has seen it, sadly.
| Kind regards, and I hope to see you at FOSDEM!

I'll be there but perl devs are really sorry with this news. Is there
really nothing we could do to get an extra room ? Any idea would be
welcome !


Erik Colson

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