[FOSDEM] Perl dev room

Gerry Demaret gdemaret at fosdem.org
Thu Nov 30 00:11:08 CET 2006

ecocode wrote:
> * Gerry Demaret <gdemaret at fosdem.org> wrote:
> | > I posted an inquiry to info at fosdem.org but got no answer yet.
> | 
> | Strange... could you give me an indication of the date & time you sent it?
> I've sent it yesterday...

Hm, must have been a false positive from the spamfilter. I'll have a 
look at that.

> | I'm really sorry, but all the devrooms we had available for FOSDEM
> | 2007 have already been booked for the whole weekend. I hope there will
> | be one available for you for the next edition. My advice would be to
> | ask for one a lot sooner too. In case your first message was sent
> | really early, I'm again sorry. None of us has seen it, sadly.
> | 
> | Kind regards, and I hope to see you at FOSDEM!
> I'll be there but perl devs are really sorry with this news. Is there
> really nothing we could do to get an extra room ? Any idea would be
> welcome !

Having more demands for rooms than we can handle has been an issue for 
some years now. We have been looking at options to increase the number 
of rooms, but that would become unmanageable, and unpractical too, as we 
already use all the rooms in the buildings we rent from the ULB. So that 
would mean having another building, more isolated from the event, staff 
to man that building, etc.
I am truly sorry, but there's just nothing left anymore. All I can say 
is that I hope you will have one for next year...

Kind regards,


FOSDEM 2007 - 23&24/02

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