[FOSDEM] Perl dev room

erik colson eco at ecocode.net
Thu Nov 30 00:36:23 CET 2006

* Gerry Demaret <gdemaret at fosdem.org> wrote:
| Having more demands for rooms than we can handle has been an issue for
| some years now. We have been looking at options to increase the number
| of rooms, but that would become unmanageable, and unpractical too, as
| we already use all the rooms in the buildings we rent from the ULB. So
| that would mean having another building, more isolated from the event,
| staff to man that building, etc.
| I am truly sorry, but there's just nothing left anymore. All I can say
| is that I hope you will have one for next year...


Please take note of our demand for next year then.

We do organize perl workshops regularly in other countries. Maybe you
can help us in organizing one in Belgium at the beginning of 2007 ? We
are looking for a room which could be used for a whole weekend. Can you
tell us who we should contact at the ULB for this ?

Thanks in advance
Erik Colson

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