[FOSDEM] Perl dev room

Gerry Demaret gdemaret at fosdem.org
Thu Nov 30 00:52:57 CET 2006

erik colson wrote:
> Please take note of our demand for next year then.

We will try to keep that in mind, but please send us a message next year 
too, as it is impossible for us to handle requests for future events 
right now.

> We do organize perl workshops regularly in other countries. Maybe you
> can help us in organizing one in Belgium at the beginning of 2007 ? We
> are looking for a room which could be used for a whole weekend. Can you
> tell us who we should contact at the ULB for this ?

I forwarded your message to the person who is our contact at ULB, asking 
to give you some information.
My idea would be to contact a hotel (Novotel, ...) to rent a conference 
room or something the like. You might even be able to have one during or 
around the time of FOSDEM, that way you would still be able to visit the 
event if you wish to do so.

Kind regards,


FOSDEM 2007 - 23&24/02

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