[FOSDEM] Urgent !!!! - Accepted technical paper showing "NO SHOW" in Media of Embedded Track

Bhagyashri Katole bhagyashri.bijwe at gmail.com
Tue Apr 17 11:38:21 CEST 2007


Myself Bhagyashri Katole . We submitted technical paper and presentation
"Linux For Embedding Network Devices" in Embedded Track FOSDEM-2007. I was
speaker of  presentation.

I submitted to PDFs of technical paper & presentation before two weeks
of  FOSDEM-2007

Unfortunately I was not able to attend the event. I needed to come back in
between because of official problem. I regreted that I was not able to mail
you on time .

When I checked  presentation slides on FOSDEM, my Media link is showing PDF
of "NO  SHOW".

They are not also uploaded technical paper that I submitted before. I want
my research work to be use by people who faced same problem in embedding. I
think I can contribute this way to FOSDEM community.

I don't need promotion by uploading presentation that I did not give
personally.  But atleast you should quote " Submitted But not presented
personally" and include pdf of technical paper in media.

Waiting for reply from FOSDEM on this.

   Bhagyashri Katole
   Project Eng.
   Networking and Internet Software Group,
   Centre for Research and Development(C-DAC),
   Government of India,
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