[FOSDEM] Small projects, any chance ?

Sanel Zukan sanelz at gmail.com
Tue Dec 18 14:41:48 CET 2007

Hi to all,

I was not able to find some official address to send this mail and
hoping this mailing list will be sufficient for a small number of
questions (if applicable).

I'm a member/developer of Equinox project (http://equinox-project.org)
and I/we tried to apply this year for a stand. Looks like the submisson was
rejected and I was able to find out that only via announcement on the
main web page (probably you got a lot of stand submissons this year and
your team was not able to reply to all of them, or... your policy is not
to reply at all ???)

Looking from the presented list (http://www.fosdem.org/2008/stands),
this year are welcome only The Big ones, which is pretty ok since they
are warmly welcome everywhere.

My question is: any way a small projects can get a chance to show/present 
themselves? Or, what are the prerequisites to be accepted (e.g. for a 
stand): large code base, large user base, large development team ? 
Or maybe popularity; the irony is that if you can't get presented yourself, 
popularity is affected too :P.

I'm hoping you will not see these comments/questions as some kind of
provocation since my intent is not to do so.

Hopine some useful replies will come up :)

Sanel Zukan

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