[FOSDEM] Last interviews: start the countdown

Floris Lambrechts florisla at gmail.com
Fri Feb 16 21:56:55 CET 2007


Last interviews: start the countdown

Only sevens days left until FOSDEM 2007... Time to read up on our last
speakers: Simon Phipps on Java and free software
[http://fosdem.org/2007/interview/simon+phipps], Jeremy Allison about
Samba 4 [http://fosdem.org/2007/interview/jeremy+allison], Keith
Packard on X.org [http://fosdem.org/2007/interview/keith+packard],
Miguel De Icaza about Mono
[http://fosdem.org/2007/interview/miguel+de+icaza], Paul Everitt about
Plone an Zope [http://fosdem.org/2007/interview/paul+everitt], and
Pete Herzog on the Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual


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