[FOSDEM] Q: FOSDEM visit from Russia

Etienne Saliez etienne at saliez.be
Wed Feb 21 11:27:23 CET 2007

Welcome to Brussels, but I do not know if it is still possible for the 
FOSDEM-2007 within 3 days.

The administrative steps are the following :

- You need a visa, normally for the country of the main part of your travel, 
in this case Belgium, but you could go through other countries as well.

- I would need more information, as maybe a copy of identity documents or 
passport with explanations in english, dates of entry and exit in Shengen 
space at which point, airport or border.

- I should go to my city administration and make an official invitation, 
signing a contract that the Belgian State will have no problem with this 
travel, particularly no expenses.

- You have to go with that certified document to a Belgian embassy or 
consulate in Russia and ask for a visa.  I do not know if a fax would be 

- No problem with accomodation.  We can invite you a few days at our home, 
located at 20 minutes from the FOSDEM.

I am a user of both Firefox and Konqueror in the scope of a KUBUNTU 

Etienne Saliez

etienne at saliez.be

tel  +32 26541759

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