[FOSDEM] some questions

bob bob.van.hove at gmail.com
Thu Feb 22 16:52:21 CET 2007


Do you think a non-developer but rather foss enthusiast (and aspiring
who knows a little bit about *nix and a little bit about programming should
attend fosdem?

The talks about software patents, the olpc, gplv3 and such seem interesting,

what other not-so-technical talks would you suggest?

I ask this because it's a long train-bus ride and I have to weigh my chances
of getting lost to what I would gain at fosdem ;)

This might sound like a stupid question but does anyone know what bus line
goes back from fosdem to brussel centraal (preferably around 16u-17u) ?
(http://www.stib.irisnet.be appears to only show time tables for individual
bus lines)

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