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Pascal Bleser loki at fosdem.org
Thu Feb 22 17:00:25 CET 2007

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bob wrote:
> Do you think a non-developer but rather foss enthusiast (and aspiring
> developer)
> who knows a little bit about *nix and a little bit about programming
> should attend fosdem?

Absolutely. FOSDEM is a unique occasion to meet and discuss with a lot
of people who are deeply involved into FOSS, sort of seeing the guts of
how it works and what makes it tick.

The atmosphere is very relaxed, you can really just go to anyone and
discuss, around a beer or a coffee, or a booth ;)

> The talks about software patents, the olpc, gplv3 and such seem
> interesting,
> what other not-so-technical talks would you suggest?

Hard to answer, we have around 200 talks during the event.
The Developer Rooms also host a huge amount of talks on different
topics, most technical, some less:

> I ask this because it's a long train-bus ride and I have to weigh my
> chances of getting lost to what I would gain at fosdem ;)

I can promise FOSDEM is definitely worth visiting ;)

> This might sound like a stupid question but does anyone know what bus
> line goes back from fosdem to brussel centraal (preferably around
> 16u-17u) ?
> (http://www.stib.irisnet.be appears to only show time tables for
> individual bus lines)

I'm not from Brussels, tough for me to answer that one (I would have
pointed to the STIB's website actually). Note that a taxi is always an
option as well.

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