[FOSDEM] some questions

Olivier Thauvin nanardon at nanardon.zarb.org
Thu Feb 22 17:44:04 CET 2007

Le jeudi 22 février 2007, bob a écrit :
> The talks about software patents, the olpc, gplv3 and such seem
> interesting,
> what other not-so-technical talks would you suggest?

I don't have the list of talk under the and, but two years ago I was at there 
and follow the talk about LVM.

Even I am an OSS developers, and even my poor english, the talk was easy to 
understand and clearly not for developers, more to discover what features 
LVM2 provides.

Don't think all talk are hard to understand for a begginer, they can be just a 
way to discover a software.
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