[FOSDEM] keys and keysigning questions

John Seifarth john at waw.be
Fri Feb 23 17:44:02 CET 2007

I have a few questions about the key signing event on Sunday.

CACert Signing

On the keysigning page,  here is a recommendation to print 20-40  
copies of the WoT form. As far as I can see at the CACert Wiki  
ca7832ef2e3dec5ccec2deff91d7b6c04bf425a6)  assurers with 100 points  
(the minimum to be able to assure others) can issue 10 points. So  
with only 100-point assurers, 15 would suffice to issue the maximum  
of 150 points to the assuree.

1) Why do we need to print 20-40 copies when 15 copies would suffice,  
or even as few as 5 (assuming 150-point assurers granting 35 points  
each)? What about the trees? What about the toner forests? What about  
the empty inkjet cartridges crying in the night?

GPG/PGP Keysigning

2) How many copies of the (16 page) document do I need to print and  
fill in the checksums?

3) If I add another email address to my identity (I only have one on  
it now), is the key as signed at the keysigning automatically valid  
for that address (or is my question already showing my lack of  

4) What is the best way to disseminate my public key, and to get the  
public keys of my correspondants? I understand there are key servers  
somewhere, can someone explain how this works?



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