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Op vr 23 feb 2007 om 09:36:13 +0100 schreef John Seifarth:
> On 23 Feb 2007, at 19:40, Joost van Baal wrote:
> >Op vr 23 feb 2007 om 05:44:02 +0100 schreef John Seifarth:
> ><snip>
> >>4) What is the best way to disseminate my public key, and to get the
> >>public keys of my correspondants? I understand there are key servers
> >>somewhere, can someone explain how this works?
> >
> >If you happen to speak dutch, you might like to check out
> > .
> >
> Since I'm American-born, I have an excuse for being language-challenged.
>  I can only read English and French (although I understand enough  
> spoken Italian to better appreciate  the lovely women presenting the  
> news on the RAI).
> If you have a pointer toward info on general GPG key management,   
> beyond man pages for the commands to create or use them, in the two  
> first languages above, I'd be most appreciative.

2 big manuals:

1 small one about keysigning parties:

NB: that one describes a simpler setup of the party than what's gonna
happen at fosdem.



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